About Us

Community Introduction


Welcome to Avalon World Gaming! You’re about to enter a fantastic world filled with magic, wonder, hideous monsters, evil villains, and endless adventure.


Avalon World Gaming is a multi-guild establishment that supports various types of games through the course of the years internationally.


We are a guild that prioritize the growth of our players, community interaction and play to earn. We are a well-balanced guild when it comes to both PvP and PvE, we assist each other in every action that we do which includes partying, crafting and player versus player. In Avalon World Gaming, you will be able to experience online gaming with a very welcoming atmosphere.


Join now and be a part of something bigger! Take part in quests and start your own journey with us, in Avalon World Gaming!



200+ Axie Scholarships

20K+ Users & Subscribers

Rank 1 in Multiple Games


2021 & Beyond

Play to Earn

2016 - 2020

A New Era of Gaming


The Beginning

Blockchain gaming has revolutionize the gaming industry. Play to earn has allowed gamers of old and new to trade their time for tangible real world rewards. Our goal is to continue pushing forward and share our success with all gamers alike.

Mobile gaming has evolved throughout the years and so did we. We opened our Mobile Gaming community and applied our fundamentals in multiple mobile games. Black Desert M, Dragon Raja, V4, Gaia Odyssey, etc.

Avalon World Gaming was created in the summer of 2009. We were established in a Perfect World private server which we dominated for several months. We used our tactics and organization skills to continue paving our success in many games to follow: Aion, TERA, Dragon Nest, Blade & Soul and many more.